for agencies

10,000 messages/month

15 numbers

10 users

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power users

1,500 messages/month

5 numbers

3 users

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for small businesses

225 messages/month

1 number

1 user

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We also offer a starter plan for $9/month that features 100 messages, 1 Number,
and RedMegaphone branding in outgoing messages.

Messages Messages are included with all RedMegaphone plans. The total messages allowed per month are in/out messages to your RedMegaphone number. Additional messages beyond your plan are billed at 9 cents per message, but all plans have rollover! So if you don't use your limit in a given month, it rolls over to the next month.

Red Megaphone Numbers A Red Megaphone number is a number you choose, where you can receive text messages (for example 1-650-843-9888, our demo number). Received messages appear in your inbox. We have a wide selection of available numbers in almost every area code. Once you create an account, you'll be asked to choose from a list of possible numbers given the area code you choose (we recommend an area code different than your own -- some cell phones require an area code to send a text message).

Users Additional users can view your Red Megaphone numbers and data gathered by those numbers. Give your employees access.

It's Included! You can also get a spreadsheet of all your RedMegaphone responses. You will not be charged until after you log-in with a Google account and signup with your credit card.

Questions? Feel free to ask us questions in the box at the bottom right of this page!