Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Red Megaphone?

Everyone who wants to get back in touch with a fan, customer, member, user, client, or attendee. Event organizers, bands, restaurants, advertisers, political parties, coffee shops, non-profits, - anyone interested in saving time, money and energy while engaging with their customers in a fast, simple, modern and convenient way.

How does Red Megaphone work?

We provide an individual new text only phone number to your organization that customers, fans, or audience members can text information to… think email addresses, names, anything. You display signage "Text us your email address!" Customers respond and receive an instant response of your choosing. Use this message to thank them, provide information or direct them to a link (Facebook, coupons, anything!). The data gathered is nicely arranged in your Red Megaphone Inbox, ready for export.

How much does it cost?

We all spend so much time, effort and money getting people in the door, but then don't get their contact information while they are there, really foolish. We've conveniently arranged our pricing so that it's relative to how much you use the service. A basic account includes a freshly generated phone number, 225 messages per month (total of in and out) and an easy-to-use database of the information that you collect on interactions. All for just $19/month. Additional texts (in and out, above the 225) are only 9 cents each.

How do I sign in?

Currently, you will utilize your Google Account to manage Red Megaphone. It is simple and gives you a secure and easy to remember log-in.

Is my information secure?

Only the Google Account holder can access the page and your credit card information passes through a secure server.

How do I sign up?

Just click here.